Truck Pull


Truck Pull


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Heartland Truck Pullers Rules (click here)

Noon on Wednesday is the advance fee deadline.

General Regulations

1. Trucks may pull in one class only, but may pull more than one weight in same class.

2. Contestants must pull at assigned position within 3 minutes of time the sled is ready. Judges may move a contestant to the last position due to mechanical trouble.

3. Automatic disqualification for anything falling off truck during pull.

4. No use of alcoholic beverages allowed before or during the truck pull.

5. All trucks must have working brakes.

6. No dual wheels allowed, except in 8500# class. May not use tire chains or studded tires.

7. All pulls must start with a tight hitch. No jerking of sled. Two consecutive attempts to start the sled will be allowed.

8. Truck must stop immediately upon signal from the judges.

9. Pull will terminate if truck runs out of bounds.

10. Winners will be weighed upon request of any of the 3 first finishers in the same class, or the judges.

11. No nitrous oxide is allowed.

12. Trucks will be inspected at the gate.

13. Gate will be closed 30 minutes (@6:30) prior to contest . BE THERE EARLY !!

14. Contest will be governed by the judges with all decisions final. ANY harassment of the judges or fair board members, by a contestant, will result in banning that contestant for 1 year.