Demo Derby

General Derby Rules - Updated Derby Rules and Forms coming soon


  1. Vehicle and driver must be equipped with seat belt and helmet.
  2. No snow or bar tires, regardless of tread, allowed on drive wheels. May be disqualified at gate, if found with vehicle.
  3. All glass must be removed from inside and outside of the vehicle, before entry into fair grounds.
  4. All drivers MUST have valid drivers license. Drivers under the age of 18 MUST have written consent from parent or guardian.
  5. Vehicles displaying a flag are open for crashing.
  6. No intentional drivers door crashing. Judges decision.
  7. No drinking alcohol before or during the contest.
  8. Battery MUST be covered and fastened securely. NO Bungies!!
  9. Gas tank MUST be removed from the vehicle. Must have inside gas tank, positioned away from rear bumper, and bolted down. No bungies or plastic tanks or boat tanks allowed!! Maximum of 6 gallons.
  10. All vehicles MUST have a number sign on roof, minimum size 12" x 12". Also MUST be numbered, in contrasting colors, on both sides. Numbers need to be 20" or larger.
  11. No offensive or vulgar words/pictures on any part of the vehicle allowed.
  12. During contests, vehicles remaining in stationary position for more than 1 & 1/2 minutes, will be disqualified. If you move again you must hit an active car.
  13. Vehicles may be disqualified by a judge or judges decision. Judges may disqualify ANY driver. ANY harassment of the judges or fair board members, by a contestant, will result in banning that contestant for 1 year.
  14. All vehicles, not removed from grounds, within 4 days, will become property of the fair.
  15. Must be in the gate by 5:30 pm. Gate will be closed promptly at 5:30 pm.
  16. You must have a factory hood and trunk lid installed on your car.
  17. If your car rolls over you are out.


You are not signed up until we receive your entry form and fee.
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